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Is There Sex After Speed?

Q:In your column on speed withdrawal, the guy who had just quit using 8 weeks ago said he wasn’t having sex at all, because if he wasn’t high he couldn’t get into it. In your answer, you did a good job being realistic about how hard recovery can be, but I was disappointed that you…

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I Can’t Let Go of My Anger

  Q: My boyfriend left me almost five years ago, but I’ve never gotten over how much he hurt me. He lied to me about everything. He cheated on me with my friends. He borrowed money from me and never paid it back. We only did what he wanted to do, and whenever he didn’t…

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From Hot to Warm

Q:  My husband and I have been in a monogamous relationship for six years.  I’m still in love with him and can’t imagine life without him, but our sex life sucks.  It was great for a few years, but despite everything we’ve tried to do, it’s kind of boring and it doesn’t happen all that…

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