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Tom Moon, M.F.T. Uncategorized A Prayer on Martin Luther King Day, January 18, 2021

A Prayer on Martin Luther King Day, January 18, 2021

It is so fitting that the week of Biden’s inauguration begins with Martin Luther King Day.

It has been so hard to have hope during the past four years, and I feel that my own hatred and disgust for the Trump regime has exhausted and aged me. I want, for myself and for our country, to turn away from all of this rage and ugliness. I want to remember, though, that we are redeemed, not by what we turn from, but by what we turn toward.

I came to political consciousness in the ’60s, during the years of King’s nonviolent campaigns, and I felt lifted up by his example. In those days, in large part because of his inspiration, the country seemed like a place of infinite possibility and hope. I passionately believed that we could end war and poverty and racism and all forms of cruelty and injustice. I was young and naive. But if If I was wrong in believing that the road to those goals could be a short one, I was not wrong in believing that these ideals deserve our allegiance.

On Wednesday, America will get another chance to get it right. My hope is that, in turning away from the nightmare of Trump, we will also turn again toward the ideals that King embodied. May Joe Biden and Kamala Harris help turn us all toward that light.


Author: Tom Moon