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Tom Moon, M.F.T. Year: 2005

Year: 2005

Spirit Matters 5: A Gay Spiritual Sensibility

What makes people happy? No question is of more practical importance to all of us. In recent decades, researchers have studied the happiness of lack of it or more than a million people in every age group and in almost every culture in the world. Two psychologists, David Myers and Ed Diener, recently sifted through…

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Spirit Matters 4: Ten Queer Spiritual Roles

Christian de la Huerta is a man with a vision. Cuban-born, and displaced by Castro’s revolution, he achieved in the U.S. all the trappings of success –the hot lover, high-paying job, fabulous condo, sports car, Armani suits. Abruptly one day, feeling the emptiness of his life, and responding to an inner call, he walked away…

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Spirit Matters 3: Spiritual Authority

Aaron has a dilemma. He was raised as a member of a religious sect whose founder is revered by the faithful as a prophet and a saint, and whose every word is regarded as Absolute Truth. Aaron grew up feeling deeply connected to the sect. He had a sense of belonging to a community, and…

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Spirit Matters 2: Sex and Spirit

A while back I participated in an interesting project with the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. When participants in their Gay Life program were polled about what subjects they wanted to see addressed in workshops, one of the more frequently mentioned topics was “sexuality and spirituality.” I was asked to co-facilitate five of these workshops. I…

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Spirit Matters 1: Does it Matter?

Queers seem to be quite a pain in the ass in church these days. Increasing numbers of us are actually participating, on the outrageous assumption that we have every right to do so. Worse yet, we just can’t be polite and tasteful about it. We are openly affectionate with our partners, we, expect the churches…

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Speed Withdrawal

Q:I admitted to myself about six months ago that I’m addicted to speed, and I’ve been trying to quit ever since. This time I’ve been clean for eight weeks, and I feel terrible. I’m depressed and tired all the time. I’m not interested in doing anything. I’m not even having sex, because I don’t feel…

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Is There Sex After Speed?

Q:In your column on speed withdrawal, the guy who had just quit using 8 weeks ago said he wasn’t having sex at all, because if he wasn’t high he couldn’t get into it. In your answer, you did a good job being realistic about how hard recovery can be, but I was disappointed that you…

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